Montana Ranch & Farm sales and impact of Covid-19

January 03, 2022

Marketability of Montana Farms and Ranches at All Time Highs

Rural farms and ranches are in high demand right now across the entire United States.  Land is consistently ranked as a relatively stable investment. The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic has caused vast disruptions across most market sectors. The ripple effect of this pandemic has triggered several responses from the American consumer, ranging from cut-backs in consumer spending, closing of businesses and a significant increase in redistribution of people’s investment portfolios out of the stock market and into land.

We have seen an influx of out of state residents and investors moving into Montana.  This response has driven the marketability of farms and ranches in our state.  When you combine this with low interest rates, tightening of available ranch inventory, which in turn drives buyer demand, we are seeing unprecedented pricing models for quality ranches selling in most rural markets across the country.

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