The FL Robinson Ranch – A Montana Legacy Ranch For Sale

F.L. Robinson Ranch, Malta, Montana, 59538




MLS: 25008-04916

17145. Acres

What You Should Know

  • Large Deeded Acreage For Sale

  • Dryland Farm and Grazing Acres

  • Irrigated Hay Ground

  • Wells, Waterlines & Reservoirs

  • Mule Deer & Whitetail

  • Upland Game Birds

  • Historic Hip Roof Barn

  • Certified Scale & Corrals

Why You'll Love It

Large Deeded Acre Farm and Ranch For Sale near Malta, Montana

Large ranches in the Northern Great Plains of Montana do not often find their way to the market.  Many are sold off piece by piece in years of death or drouth, absorbed by neighboring operations. The FL Robinson Ranch has defied those odds, held together by years of hard work and determination of those who have owned and worked the property since it was originally purchased by its founder, Fred Lee Robinson in 1911.

The Ranch began small, beginning with only 320 acres north of Highway 2, and growing to the 17,146+/- deeded acres it encompasses today. The owners and managers of the ranch know ranching in eastern Montana well, and throughout the years have garnered superior water rights, productive farmland, irrigated hay meadows and plentiful wildlife such as Mule deer, Whitetail and Upland Game birds.  With easy access to the homesite from Highway 191 South, just 3 miles from Malta, this ranch is conveniently located and well appointed to serve as a legacy family ranch for decades to come, continuing its rich history in agriculture as a large yearling operation or fully self-reliant cow/calf operation. 

Property Overview:

  • 17,145+/- Deeded Acres
  • 350+/- Irrigated Acres
  • 2,969+/- Acres of Dryland Farm
  • 5,705+/- Acres of Improved Pasture
  • 8,038+/- Acres of Native Range
  • Mule Deer, Whitetail, Pheasant, Upland Game Birds
  • Working Corrals
  • Certified Scale
  • 24’ x 34’ Metal Pole Barn
  • Wheel Line and Gated Pipe Irrigation Systems
  • Historic Farm and Cattle Ranch

A Historic Property with Excellent Water Rights for Ranching and Irrigation

As the saying goes in the West, “Whisky’s for drinking, Water’s for fighting,” The originators of the Robinson Ranch no doubt understood the importance of water for ranching in Eastern Montana and secured an extensive list of water rights, all included in the sale of the ranch. Several waterline fed cattle watering tanks along with multiple large pits and reservoirs ensure ample water in all corners of the property.  This critical resource supports the ranch’s agricultural operation, from irrigated hay meadows to well-watered pastureland. 

Montana Ranch Offers a Trio of Parcels for Sale

Improved Pasture for Cattle Grazing on Northern Montana Ranch

The Robinson Ranch is split into 3 distinguished parts, each capable of standing on its own, and each available for sale together or separately. The northernmost property lies approximately 15+/- miles north of Highway 2 just off the North Wagner Road. The Eli Place, as referred to by the owners, consists of 5,188+/- deeded acres, including 4,092+/- acres of Improved Pasture and 1,096+/- acres of Native Grass.  All acres on the Eli Place are under easement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for the purpose of protecting and enhancing waterfowl habitat. Prior to the easement application in 2021 all farmable acres were planted to dryland crops. Now seeded back to grass, all previously farmed acres are considered Improved Pasture, providing feed at a rate of 5 acres per cow on a year with typical moisture.  A CRP contract on 320 acres recently expired, making these acres farmable if a new owner desired to reinstate dryland farm production on small part of the property. All acres on the Eli Place previously classified as tillable acres are now considered grazing acres.

In recent years approximately 7 miles of interior and exterior fencing has been replaced on the northernmost part of the Robinson Ranch.  This grazing land has long been an integral part of the ranch’s rotational grazing plan. Water for livestock on the Eli Place is provided by 10 pits scattered across the rangeland. It is common for potholes throughout the prairie to fill with water in the spring, making this an attractive habit for upland bird species native to the region, such as Sage Grouse, Pheasant and Huns. Two wells on the property, each with a depth of around 400 feet, feed 6 water tanks by way of underground water line. 

Property Taxes on the Northern Tract of the Robinson Ranch are $3,291.71 for the 2024 tax year. 

Productive Montana Dryland Conventional Farm Ground For Sale

The Original FL Robinson Homestead lies just 6+/- miles south of the Northern portion of the ranch, and is the location of approximately 1,600+/- deeded acres, 1,358+/- of those acres in production as conventional dryland farm acres.  The remaining 241+/- acres are classified as Native Range.  480+/- acres of the property are under perpetual easement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for the conservation of waterfowl habitat, however the easement does not prohibit farming.  The farmed acres are currently seeded to 250 acres of Winter Wheat, with Barley and Lentils to be added to the balance in the Spring of 2024.  3 grain bins on the property provide grain storage for the operator. 

The Homestead property is accessed by traveling west from Malta on Highway 2 for approximately 7 miles, then north on the North Wagner Road, a well-maintained county gravel road for another 3 miles.  The property taxes in 2023 on the Robinson Homestead property were $6,037.46.

Irrigated Hay Fields, Farm Ground and Large Grazing Pastures

The FL Robinson Ranch southern holding consists of 10,356+/- Deeded Acres, 359+/- of those acres irrigated with water from the Malta Irrigation District using a network of wheel line and gated pipe, fed by the South Dodson Canal. The gravity fed system has been fine-tuned over the years to operate with efficiency, resulting in high quality hay production for use on the ranch.  In addition to the 350+/- Irrigated Acres, the ranch is made up of  7,027+/- acres of Native Grass, 83+/- of Wild Hay, 1,631+/- acres of Improved Pasture and 1,615 acres of Dryland Farm, as well as 634 acres of BLM Lease. 

Property Improvements

The FL Robinson Ranch has few improvements, and those structures on the ranch are utilitarian in nature.  The Robinson Ranch is a true working farm and ranch, with investment over the years placed into enhancements yielding an efficient and productive operation.  The Southern tract of the ranch contains the only buildings on the property, consisting of a 24’ x 30’ metal pole barn, 2 grain bins, a 40’ x 60’ shed, a steel hopper bottom bin, certified scale and a set of working corrals. 

The southernmost tract begins 4 miles south of Malta, accessible by Highway 191 South. Property Taxes in 2023 for the Southern holding were $25,925. 

Historic Ownership, a True Community Leader

Fred Lee Robinson is a name well known in Phillips County.  Born in Tennessee in 1889 and arriving in Malta in 1911 at the age of 22, Robinson was quick to begin his entrepreneurial life with a general store in Wagner before leaving to defend his country in World War 1. Robinson rose to the rank of sergeant before making his way back to Malta in 1919.  His desire for the betterment of the community was apparent, as noted by his role as the Mayor of Malta, his position on the Republic National Committee, and eventually in the role where he would make the most impact of his career, the Montana State Senate. He was the Vice President of the First State Bank and opened the Malta Auto Company in addition to operating a large scale farm and ranch, now known as the Robinson Ranch.  But his crowning achievement was undoubtably the construction of the Fred Robinson Bridge, a project taking over 30 years to complete and eventually, under Senator Robinson’s leadership, closing the gap between Central and Northeastern Montana in 1959.  7 steers from the Robinson Ranch were donated to feed the estimated 15,000 people who attended the dedication of the bridge.  Robinson told the crowd, “I’ve waited all my life for this, and have worked 30 years to achieve 2 projects for the citizens of Phillips County, a good hospital and a good road.”  And by the end of his career he had accomplished both. 

Robinson Ranch, an Investment in the Future of Montana Agriculture

The Robinson Ranch is a true Montana Legacy Ranch, accumulated over many years by a savvy businessman who understood well the value of agriculture and the lands’ potential for appreciation. Managed for over 100 years by excellent stewards of the land, cattle herds have thrived here and crops have provided a way of life for the families whose livelihoods rely on the productivity of the ground. Pride of ownership is apparent on the Robinson Ranch, a turn-key operation for the farmer or rancher looking to expand, or for the investor who sees the value, like Fred Robinson, of an investment in agriculture and owning a piece of Montana.

Hunting and Recreation in Phillips County

Phillips County, Montana is ideally situated for outdoor recreation.  The Milk River Valley is well known for its’ upland game habitat, as well as its’ whitetail and mule deer hunting. Ring-neck pheasant, sage grouse and sharp-tailed grouse make their homes and dancing grounds here.  The Robinson Fanch falls in Hunting Region 620.  Public access to hunting in Phillips County is outstanding, with the Malta BLM Field Office managing 1.1 Million acres of huntable land.  Nelson Reservoir, just 15 minutes east of Malta, is popular year-around for its’ Walleye and Northern Pike fishing. Phillips County is the ideal location for the outdoorsman. Conveniences such as shopping, dining, entertainment and a regional airport are located in Malta, MT. a rural town of approximately 2000 residents. 

Property Presented Exclusively by Northwest Realty & Auction

Tanner Anderson and Carly Bishop, Listing Agents

Tanner Anderson and Carly Bishop’s background in the farming and ranching lifestyle runs deep. They understand the value and importance of tillable acreage, how cattle stocking rates affect rangelands, the significance of water and good soils and the how agriculture and wildlife complement one another to create successful, sustainable operations. Their ability to gauge a property’s value, highlight its’ best assets and understand a buyer and seller’s needs are a large part of their success – the rest is a result of their personalized approach. Tanner and Carly are proud to represent the F.L. Robinson Ranch in it’s first time to the market and are honored to assist in the transition of this Legacy Property. 

Where You'll Find It

  • Street Address: F.L. Robinson Ranch
  • City: Malta
  • State: Montana
  • County: Phillips

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